RIIWHS205E Control Traffic with Stop Slow Bat

This unit of competency provides the skills and knowledge required to control traffic using a stop/slow bat to ensure the safety of construction and maintenance workers, and the general public. Vic Roads requires all field staff with responsibility for being a Traffic Controller to have completed the RIIWHS205E Control Traffic with Stop Slow Bat. Vic Roads also requires that a refresher course be completed every three (3) years. We highly recommend that both traffic courses RIIWHS205E, RIIWHS302E to be done in conjunction to acquire jobs in the traffic control industry.

Entry Requirements

It is advisable that course participants have at least a basic level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills as well as a reasonable level of fitness and a desire to work outdoors.


This course consists of one (1) unit of competency


This course involves a one day class with our highly experienced training team. It will include presentations, group work and practical activities

Learning Outcomes

The course will prepare you in OHS roles and responsibilities Site traffic management plans Hazard and risk management Principles of traffic controlling Working with road users A refresher course is also available, it is recommended you complete this every three (3) years.


Assessment is against the National Standard, which applies in all states and territories. Our assessors are fully licensed and accredited. We will issue a Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of this unit of competency.

Latest Dates:

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