Industrial Hygiene

Testing, anaylsis, and workplace evaluations

Through our sister company AEHS (an extension of SysTec) we provide testing for asbestos, mould, air monitoring (for asbestos, fibre counting, dust or other contaminants, general air quality, ventilation, hazardous substances/materials, lighting, noise, thermal comfort, fume cupboard testing, water testing and soil testing etc. to domestic, commercial and government organisations.

We have some of the most experienced consultants in the industry covering a wide range of projects including the recent decommissioning of Altona by Toyota.

Our team of experienced occupational hygienists, scientists and other technical staff can provide support, information, practical solutions, onsite monitoring and analysis, evaluating and controlling your workplace biological, chemical, environmental or physical hazards.

 Our specialists come from specialized backgrounds. They include Occupational Hygienists, Chemists, Environmental Scientists, Geologists, Engineers, Biologists and other professionals.


Some examples of consultancy services include:


Noise surveys



Minimise Downtime

Chemicals assessments


Dust monitoring

Air quality


Asbestos identification and monitoring


Selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Development of (Material) Safety Data Sheets (M) SDS

Assistance with safe handling of hazardous materials

Development and delivery of training/information sessions

Hazardous materials, noise, personal protective equipment (PPE) etc


Exposure assessment surveys

Onsite assessments of workplace hazards including asbestos, noise, dusts, gases, vapours and mists;

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