From safety and environmental plan review and acceptance, auditing, training and inductions to full/part time site supervision, SysTec can assist you in your contractor management needs.

Internal contractor management

We can assist in the development of Contractor Management Systems needed to manage the risk associated with the engagement of contractors.

The following elements can form part of a contractor management system:

  • Classification and risk assessment of proposed contracted works
  • Contractor pre-qualification
  • Contractor tender preparation
  • Contractor selection
  • Contractor performance surveillance
  • Managing non conformance

On-site contractor management

Our experienced professionals can assist your company’s on-site management of contractors.
The onsite contractor management tasks can include:

  • Verifying contactor qualifications
  • Site inductions
  • Contractor supervision
  • Contractor selection
  • Report and cease any unsafe work
  • Risk management and assessment

Independent contractor pre-qualification system (ICP)

Regulatory requirements place an obligation on organisations employing contractors to take an active position in verifying OHS/IR and quality arrangements before, and during their engagement.

We can provides an online contractor pre-qualification system than can help take the guess work out of contractor engagement.

ICP for contractors

Registering with our ICP programme allows your organisation to have your business assessed against selected regulatory standards and quality processes thus reducing the need for submission of extensive documentation to every ICP registered client. This will speed up the pre-qualification process and allows organisations to compete on service, product, delivery and cost.

ICP for organisations

ICP for organisations can help you reduce costs and resource requirements on works conducted by contractors. Registering for ICP allows businesses to discharge due diligence and legislative requirements in the selection of contractors; OHS legislation does not allow contracting out of all OHS obligations.

Organisations that do not take steps to verify that contractors have safe systems of work, safe plant, training, supervision etc can be held liable for incidents occurring on the job. Similarly failure to verify quality or compliance with IR laws can lead to costly delay and downtime.

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