Worksafe Victoria OHS Essentials Program 

Free Compliance health check

SysTec in conjunction with the Worksafe Victoria OHS Essentials Program offers businesses with 60 employees or less, sole traders with contractors a free independent service to help you keep your employees safe at work.

How it works

Step 1 – FREE Initial Visit (3 hours)

The three hours of free Worksafe funded OHS consultancy

An experienced SysTec OHS consultant will come to your business and conducts a free compliance check at a time that suits you and your business practices.

Working closely with you the consultant will prepare a detailed plan to help you stay on top of current compliance requirements.

The advice the consultant provides is designed to be practical, achievable and efficient.

Our trained safety employees can offer you a safety action plan to:

  • Prioritise safety in your workplace. and provide advice on implementing strategies to resolve your safety issues.
  • Check your safety management plan

Step 2 – FREE check-up (2-3 hours)

  • The SysTec consultant will review the progress of your action plan

SysTec will attend within 6 months to offer you advice on roadblocks or issues you may have encountered

Step 3 – FREE Follow up and review (2-3 hours)

  • The SysTec consultant will review your progress and advise how to sustain compliance, reduce costs and conduct continual improvement to your health and safety systems.

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