Can you please help with the New COR Legislation?

“COR” stands for “Chain of Responsibility”.  The aim of COR is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law  do not occur.

Under COR laws if you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility and you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure the legislation is complied with.

The law recognises that multiple parties may be responsible for offences committed by the drivers and operators of heavy vehicles. A person may be a party in the supply chain in more than one way. For example they may have duties as the employer, the operator and the consigner of goods.

Legal liability applies to all parties for their actions or inactions.

The parties in the Chain of Responsibility for a heavy vehicle are:

  • an employer of a driver
  • a prime contractor for a vehicle if the vehicles driver is self-employed
  • an operator of the vehicle
  • a scheduler for the vehicle
  • a loading manager for any goods in the vehicle
  • a loader and/or unloader of a vehicle
  • a consignor of any goods for transport by the vehicle
  • a consignee of any goods in the vehicle
  • a loader and/or unloader of any goods in the vehicle

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I am considering moving my HSE management system to align with ISO 45001 and the new version ISO14001 can you please provide an overview of what’s involved?

SysTec can provide you with an experienced consultant to guide your organisation through the process of integration and transition from older standards.

The typical approach is to:

  • Audit your existing system to identify gaps against the new standards
  • Develop the new risk and opportunity processes
  • Conduct the risk workshops
  • Complete and upgrade all other procedures to reflect legislative and standard changes and
  • Complete an audit.


Does SysTec operate only in Victoria or elsewhere?

SysTec can provide consulting , engineering and Occ hygiene services around Australia. We have branch partners in NSW and QLD and Tasmania. If you require assistance


Our company has a large construction project underway. Can you advise of the costs and availability of suitably qualified Project, Safety and Enviro staff?

SysTec provides major construction and refurbishment project and casual vacancy staff for all major projects.

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Do you provide Dangerous Goods training? Can you help with this?

SysTec provides accredited Dangerous goods Training and auditing. Please contact us for the latest information.


Do you conduct High Risk Licence training in Ballarat and Geelong?

Yes SysTec provides nationally accredited EWP, FLT, Gantry Crane, Work at Heights, First Aid Traffic management and Confined Space Training across Victoria. Our rates are competitive and we offer personalised and public courses


Do you offer online courses? What kind of learning arrangements do you offer?

Systec provide online, shared and blended learning courses.