Value Added Process Optimisation

Re-engineering work systems

At Systec we put emphasis on adding as much value in the value-chain through process optimisation and engineering systems. Optimisation can lead to overall lower running costs, maximization of output, higher processing rates, and an overall improvement in business performance.

When we work with businesses, we work on three main areas: engineering processes, human resources, and environmental processes.

Improving the engineering process can lead to less waste, reduction on hold inventory, and can minimise down time to meet business objectives. In Human resources we look at work processes including delegation of tasks, and group interactivity to find improvements. In environmental processes we look at how the work environment may be affecting overall performance, where energy reduction can be made and environmental sustainability can be increased.

Engineering Process Optimisation:

Minimise Inventory

Minimise Waste

Minimise Downtime

Human Resource Optimisation:

Standardise Work Processes

Team Based Solving

Optimising The Work Environment & Processes

Sustainable Environment

Energy Reduction

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