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Connecting Your Business to Technology Resources

We’re proud to offer a range of technical services to our business clients. The two main areas we look at are research and technology resources. We’ve been working in the space for 25 years and we’re experts in compliance, risk management, technical documents and procedures. We’ve also in the past managed a range of projects including site safety, management and hiring short term staff.

Our technical research team is second to none. We’ve got you covered with research papers, technical guidelines, stakeholder facilitation, evaluation services, HS&E software and a range of induction material and booklets. Get in contact today to get a demo of our materials.

Consulting Services:


Business safety, environmental and/or quality audits and advice

Site Safety Contract Supervision (Project Management)

Site Supervision (Project Management)

Management Systems


Compliance Advice

Risk management services

Short Term Staff Placements


Technical Documents

Occupational Hygiene Services

Development of procedures and technical guidance documentation

Quality, Safety And/Or Environmental Project Management and Supervisor Services


Assistance In Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Industry Research And Business Tools

Technical Research

We are able to provide a professional research capability for organisations wishing to advance safety, technical management, environmental and public policy objectives.

Research Paper Development


Technical Guideline Development

Stakeholder Group Facilitation


Evaluation Services

HS&E software

Induction Materials and Booklets

We Also Offer Services In Risk Management

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