Aluminium composite panelling and Expanded Polystyrene sheets 

Throughout the 1990’s, Aluminium composite panelling (ACP) Expanded polystyrene sheeting  were one Australia’s most used materials, it provided a range of benefits to developers and builders, as it was a low cost, easy to work with and aesthetic product. It provided a waterproof, sound-deadening and thermal attributes in a light weight material.

Following the Grenfell tower fire in London in June 2017 and previously the Lacrosse building fire in November 2014 ,aluminium composite panelling was identified to be a contributing factor to deadly high rise building fires on a global scale.

With the exception of low rise buildings ( single storey dwellings for residential and double storey dwellings for commercial and industrial use ) the national building codes board requires that external walls must identify as non-combustible.

SysTec offer a range of services to help you transition your building into compliance including:

  • Aluminium composite panelling and Expanded polystyrene sheeting sheet surveys
  • Building risk assessments
  • Provisions of advice on strategies to eliminate or minimise risk associated with ACP and EPS on existing buildings
  • Project management services that allow transition to compliance
  • We also provide HAZMAT, Asbestos, SMF surveys
  • OHS Regulations DIV 5 and DIV 6 reports
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Clearance certificates