Making sure Health & Safety Representatives have access to refresher training is critical – even during COVID-19. In fact, it’s a legal entitlement. 

The safety of your workplace is important, and an HSR who is well equipped to represent their Designated Work Group can help to ensure that any safety concerns are quickly identified and communicated.

Attending a refresher course helps HSRs and managers keep up with legislation changes. It also gives them the opportunity to remind themselves of key points in the OHS act.

In a refresher, an HSR has the chance to go over crucial elements of their role. This includes risk management and a review of the issue resolution process. The course provides information on how to work with WorkSafe inspectors and helps to clarify important terms and concepts. Refresher training supports HSRs, providing them with the tools to communicate the safety concerns and interests of their work group.

The classroom environment gives HSRs space to ask questions, filling in gaps in their knowledge, while reminding them of the importance and powers of an HSR. This supports a strong workplace safety culture.

Under the OHS act, HSRs are entitled to refresher training once a year. There is no reason to put HSR training on the backburner while your workplace adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic. HSRs can now take part in WorkSafe approved online refresher training and develop their skills while staying COVID-safe.

Virtual classroom learning

SysTec delivers WorkSafe approved HSR training online, lead by experienced instructors in a real-time virtual classroom. Both our HSR initial 5 day course and our HSR refresher course provide industry leading remote delivery training.  

HSRs can see and work with other students through our video conferencing platform. They can talk to the trainer and ask questions freely.

SysTec currently offers two approved versions of the refresher course. One focusing on plant and machinery and the other focusing on work-related violence.

To find out more about our HSR virtual classroom training, call our office on 03 9484 0086.