It’s week two of National Safe Work Month, and in recognition of Mental Health Day this Saturday October 10, this week’s theme is Navigating Mental Health through COVID-19.

COVID-19 has bought new psychosocial hazards to many workplaces.

These may include:

  • Exposure to aggressive customers
  • Low support or isolation due to remote working
  • Increased emotional demand in the workplace
  • Poor environment conditions due to covid-19 exposure
  • Stress due to changing responsibilities and restructuring

Inadequate psychological health and safety measures cost Australian organisations $6 billion a year in lost productivity.

You can find Safe Work Australia’s mental health infosheet on the Safe Work Australia website.

Managing Psychosocial Hazards

Employers have a responsibility to eliminate or minimise work related psychological health and safety risks as far as reasonably practicable. As Safe Work Australia directs, this can be done through:

  1. Identifying hazards
  2. Assessing risks
  3. Controlling risks
  4. Reviewing and maintaining control measures

What’s on this week?

This week, WorkSafe Victoria is delivering a free webinar tailored for multicultural community leaders on Tuesday October 6th at 6:00pm. You can find out more about this information session on the WorkSafe website.

Safe Work Australia is co-presenting a webinar on Accelerated Workplace change in the face of COVID-19 with Comcare on October 8 at 10:30 am. This will cover the changes workplaces have undertaken to adapt to the challenges and risks posed by COVID-19. You can find more information on the Safe Work Australia website.