Australian Government Funding

Is your organisation missing out on funding that could assist in the development of training initiatives that could improve your bottom line?

Skills Connect is an Australian Government initiative to support Australian enterprises to plan for the skilling of their workforces. The Skills Connect Fund provides a single, simple access point to Australian Government co-funding for enterprise led whole of workforce skilling projects that meet identified workforce development needs.

Any training that is provided as part of a funding initiative must be from an industry endorsed Training Package. The training must be conducted by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which is authorised to deliver the training for the nominated qualification in accordance with the VET Quality Framework.

To be eligible to participate in training, participants must:

  • Be an existing worker or a new worker, which includes a job seeker. Each proposal should include a written commitment from the employer stating that each new worker that completes the required training and/or support will be employed
  • Be an Australian citizen, or permanent resident of Australia, or humanitarian refugee eligible to work in Australia
  • Be a New Zealand passport holder who has resided in Australia for at least six months
  • Not have previously completed a qualification with the same vocational outcome for which they are applying.

Training provides a number of rewards for enterprises including a higher rate of return on training investment, increased innovation, employees realising their potential, higher levels of employee engagement and improved retention of staff. SysTec as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO no. 21443) is able to provide quality training programmes that address enterprise needs.

Victorian Training Guarantee

The Victorian Training Guarantee makes vocational training more accessible to people who do not hold a post school qualification, or who want to gain a higher level qualification than they already hold.

You are eligible for a government subsidised training place if you are:

An Australian citizen
An Australian permanent resident (holder of a permanent visa)
A New Zealand citizen

and are any of the following:

Twenty (20) years and older and ‘upskilling’ by seeking to enrol in a course at a higher level than your existing qualification.
Under twenty (20) years of age
Seeking to enrol in a Foundation Skills listed course (Not available if you have a Diploma or above or are receiving core skills training in other sectors)
Seeking to enrol in VCE or VCAL
Seeking to enrol in an apprenticeship

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