PUAFER008 – Confine small emergencies in a facility

Fire Extinguisher Training

Entry Requirements

This course gives you the skills and knowledge that are required to emergencies.

The confine small emergencies in a facility course includes how you are to respond to with first attack firefighting skills, prepare for emergency situations, identify and assess an emergency, safely confine emergencies, use initial response equipment and report on the facility’s emergency response.

Fire Extinguisher training is suitable for experienced persons who work in all occupations including:

  • Events / public
  • High hazard facilities
  • Construction
  • Corporate / Office environments
  • Transport and logistics
  • Laboratories
  • Educational facilities
  • Automotive

It is advisable that course participants have at least a basic level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills as well as a reasonable level of fitness.

The course involves

Preparing for emergency situations
  • Possible workplace emergency situations and the appropriate response to each possible scenario.
  • identifying emergency resources are identified and in their locations as specified by emergency procedures
  • Equipment should be serviced as required by the of the emergency resources are identified and reported.
Identify and assess the emergency
  • Emergency situation or potential emergency situations that could arise
  • Possible control measures for controlling emergency situations according to workplace emergency procedures.
  • appropriate Initial response actions
  • unsafe or inappropriate actions
Safely confine emergencies where possible
  • Confining emergencies to the immediate area according to workplace emergency procedures.
  • Learning how to use emergency resources in accordance with workplace procedures, legislative requirements and user limitations
  • Emergency resources used to confine emergency situation are used to promote and enhance safe work conditions.
  • Use initial response equipment
  • Initial response equipment is checked to ensure its serviceability prior to use.
  • Select appropriate equipment for emergency response
  • Initial response equipment is used according to accepted safe practices and training.
  • Use of equipment is coordinated with other emergency actions.

Report workplace emergency response

  • Emergency situation response is documented and reported in accordance with workplace procedures.
  • Use of initial response equipment is documented and reported according to workplace procedures.
  • Initial response equipment is marked or positioned after use and reported to relevant personnel or authority to indicate if it requires servicing or replacing.

Suitable for 3 -15 persons



1 Day Course

This course involves a 3 hour class with our highly experienced training team. It will include presentations, group work and practical activities

Learning Outcomes

PUAFER008 – Confine small emergencies in a facility


Assessment is against the National Standard, which applies in all states and territories. Our assessors are fully licensed and accredited. We will issue a Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of this unit of competency.


  • Your workplace
  • Our training Facility

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