Incident investigation

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the practical knowledge to respond to, report on and analyse the root causes of Incidents and accidents. The course addresses regulatory reporting action planning and is a pre-requisite to the course on Critical Incident Management.


Course content

Duration: 4hrs or 6hrs

  • Secure the incident site
  • Classify the incident and determine the reporting requirements
  • Notify the regulator
  • Form, participate in and manage an investigation team
  • Use investigation tools to collect facts on the sequence of events
  • Undertake an interview and record statements
  • Take notes
  • Apply observation techniques
  • Determine the sequence of events
  • Analyse the sequence of events for immediate and underlying (root) causes
  • Identify corrective actions
  • Manage corrective action implementation
  • Reporting, management review and follow up

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