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Short Courses

As these short courses are not accredited please note that course participants will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance only.

Advanced Risk Management

HAZOP, HAZAN and What If Analysis.

Critical Incident Management and Recovery

Planning for recovery in critical incidents (emergencies).

Managing Contractors (OHSE)

Defining contract works, contractor prequalification and assessment, tender and bid packages, contractor selection, contractor monitoring and surveillance.

Plant Risk Management

Plant, management and risk assessment.

Asbestos Awareness

Effects of asbestos, identifying asbestos, controlling risk, disposal methods and legal requirements.


Principles of auditing, standards interpretation, (choose between safety environment and or quality), preparing for audit, conducting audits, close out meetings and audit reports.


Principles of effective communication, body language, effective listening and sending clear messages.

Conflict Resolution

Effective consultation, recognising signs of conflict, assertive responses and formal negotiation processes.

Manual Handling

Causes of manual handling injuries, risk factors, developing controls, kinetic lifting techniques and legislative requirements.

Human Factors

Developing a positive safety culture, improving standard operating procedures, recognising and managing influences on human performance and incorporating ‘human factors’ into risk assessments.

Lock Out - Tag Out

Isolation and lock out procedures, energy sources lock out devices.

Noise and Respiratory Protection

Noise and interpretation of measurements, health effects of sound, strategies for noise reduction, PPE selection and use, effects of gasses and particulates, respiratory protection selection, fit testing and use.

Office Safety

Office design layout, effective office colours, ventilation, lighting, furniture selection, work station set up and inspection procedures.

OHS Law and Legislation

Common law tort of negligence and the statutory provisions relating to safety and environmental compliance.

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