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Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL) Policy


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the determination, on an individual basis, of the skills and knowledge obtained by the applicant through previous training, work experience and or life experience. RPL is used to determine the advanced standing, within a training programme, that the learner may be awarded as a result of their experience.


This policy is to ensure that an individual's prior learning achieved through formal and or informal training, work experience or other life experiences is appropriately recognised upon application for RPL.

Policy Statement

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning, including formal, informal and non-formal learning, to determine the credit outcomes of an individual’s application for credit.

Course participants must be enrolled in the qualification or unit of competency for which they are seeking RPL.

The means of assessment will vary according to the nature of the skills/competencies involved but in general will comprise one or more of the following

  • interview
  • references/testimonies relating to the skills/competencies
  • demonstration of skills and knowledge
  • folio of relevant work documents
  • testing, if required.

SysTec RTO will contact the applicant to make a convenient time to undergo the assessment process.

To proceed with an RPL application SysTec RTO will ensure that the evidence of prior learning is

  • Authentic (the applicants own work)
  • Valid (directly related to the current version of the endorsed unit of competency)
  • Reliable (shows that the candidate consistently meets the endorsed unit(s) of competency)
  • Current (reflects applicants capacity to perform the aspect of the work covered by the unit(s) of competency)
  • Sufficient (covers the full range of elements in the relevant unit(s) of competency).

The assessment process will

  • cover the broad range of skills and knowledge needed to demonstrate competency
  • integrate knowledge and skills with their practical application to assess competency
  • be monitored and reviewed to ensure that there is consistency in the interpretation of evidence
  • cover both on and off the job components of training
  • be equitable to all groups and individuals
  • ensure that the criteria for judging performance is made clear to all applicants seeking assessment
  • confirm the authenticity of evidence.

Upon being assessed as Competent (C), recognition for these units of competency will be given.

Applicants requesting RPL through SysTec RTO will be provided with all relevant documentation.

The appointed assessor who will conduct the RPL procedure will have the relevant industry experience, qualifications and hold the TAE 40110 assessor units of competency.

Should an assessor have any reservations regarding the evidence provided, or the applicant’s ability to adequately demonstrate competence as per RPL guidelines, SysTec RTO reserves the right to request the applicant to undertake a demonstration in order that RPL can confidently be granted.

Testamurs and or Statements of Attainment will not be issued until all fees are paid to SysTec RTO.