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Qualification Issuance Policy


This policy describes the processes by which SysTec RTO records and issues Testamurs and Statements of Attainment to course participants who have met the requirements for an award that is listed on SysTec RTO’s Scope of Registration. This policy is in accordance with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework for National VET Regulator (NVR) Registered Training Organisations.


SysTec RTO will generate and award either a Testamur (Qualification) or a Statement of Attainment (Unit/s of competency) for nationally accredited training. Certificates of Attendance will be issued for course participants who attend WorkSafe courses and or non-accredited training.

Policy Statement

All course participants who complete a course that leads to the award of an AQF qualification receive a Testamur and a record of results.

All course participants who have not completed a full AQF qualification receive a Statement of Attainment and a record of results

If a course participant has outstanding fees, the course participant is notified. The course participant must pay any outstanding fees before a Testamur or a Statement of Attainment is issued

Before a Testamur or Statement of Attainment is awarded, SysTec RTO will ensure that the units of competency for the award have been completed and assessed as competent.

Sufficient information is provided on a Testamur and or Statement of Attainment to ensure that the documentation is able to be authenticated and to reduce chances of fraudulent reproduction.

To ensure the most current data is used in developing and generating Testamurs and Statements of Attainment SysTec RTO will use the specifications as detailed by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC).

SysTec RTO will regularly review NRT and or WorkSafe logo specifications and sample templates of Testamurs and Statements of Attainment for nationally recognised VET qualifications.


  • The Testamur for an AQF qualification issued identifies with the words ‘The qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework’ or the use of any AQF logo authorised by the AQF Council
  • SysTec RTO maintains a register of all AQF qualifications that are issued
  • SysTec RTO uses the NRT logo in accordance with its conditions of use.

Statement of Attainment

  • Statements of Attainment do not include the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) words or logo
  • SysTec RTO uses the NRT logo in accordance with current conditions of use
  • SysTec RTO has developed a Statement of Attainment template to ensure that it cannot be mistaken for a full AQF qualification
  • The words ‘Statement of Attainment’ is placed prominently at the top of the document.

To reduce fraudulent reproduction

  • All Testamurs and Statements of Attainment will have an identification number that is unique to the course participant who completed the course.
  • The course participant’s record of results will be placed on the back of the Testamur and or Statement of Attainment.
  • To ensure templates (WorkSafe included) remain compliant and current, they will be regularly updated.
  • Electronic copies of course participant data will be maintained in SysTec’s RTO Student Management System and back-ups maintained.

If a Testamur or Statement of Attainment is lost or damaged, the course participant may contact SysTec RTO to order a replacement copy.

SysTec RTO will re-issue a Testamur or Statement of Attainment with the notation ‘Replacement Document’.

Certificates of Attendance for WorkSafe and non accredited courses will be reissued upon request.

Course participants making requests for replacement certification must provide proof of identity including their identification number in addition to a current Australian driver’s licence or a current passport. The cost for a replacement copy of the original award documentation is $25.00, which is to be paid at the time of application. The replacement certification will be supplied to the participant within two weeks of request.