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Privacy Policy


SysTec RTO is committed to protecting staff, contractor, course participant, partnership and client privacy and confidentiality in line with State and Federal Privacy legislation.


This policy applies to SysTec RTO staff, contractors, clients, partners and course participants.

Policy Statement

This policy focuses on SysTec RTO’s commitment to protecting the privacy of its course participants, staff, contractors, clients and partners and outlines the various ways in which we ensures this protection.

Personal information is information or an opinion that identifies an individual or allows their identity to be readily identified from such information. It includes but is not limited to information such as a person’s name, address, identification number, financial information, marital status or billing details.

SysTec RTO collects personal information solely for the purpose of operating as a Registered Training Organisation under the VET Quality Framework administered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) who is the National VET Regulator (NVR). The requirements of the NVR may mean the release of course participant and or trainer/assessor personal information for the purposes of an audit.

SysTec RTO will comply with all relevant privacy legislation; SysTec RTO abides by the National Privacy Principles (NPP) and does not provide course participants, contractor or staff member details to anyone in any way that may be considered as breaching National Privacy Principles.

SysTec RTO requires that all staff and contractors treat all information received or otherwise obtained in the course of employment as confidential and they should not disclose any information gained through a third party without the express approval of the Managing Director of SysTec RTO.

Confidentiality requirements are placed in all contracts of employment, MoU/Partnership Agreements, Contractor Contracts and Enrolment forms.

Upon request of SysTec RTO all original documents, other material and copies which contain confidential information must be returned.

Where a staff member or contractor has any doubt in relation to confidentiality or privacy, they are requested to check with the Managing Director or delegate of SysTec RTO.

All staff and contractors are to be supplied with SysTec RTO’s Code of Practice upon commencement of employment or business with SysTec RTO.

SysTec RTO retains the course participant’s permission in writing, with reference to the release of information for audit purposes, via the participant’s signature at the end of the Enrolment form.

Under the National Privacy Principles (NPP) the course participant, staff member and or contractor is able to access his/her personal information, and may correct inaccurate or outdated information.