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Luminous Tape (Glows in the dark) 25mm x 10m

Luminous Tape (Glows in the dark) 25mm x 10m



Reflective Tape (Glows in the dark) 25mm x 10m
This tape is a handy tape to have in the home, workplace or garage. This tape is glow in the dark so you will be able to see your items while working in the dark. This strong tape is easily cut with scissors.

• This tape is highly adhesive and will bond to even and uneven surfaces.
• The tape is 25 mm wide and is 10.0 m long.
• This tape is extremely strong and can be used to highlight walkways, light switches, or identify emergency exits and many more applications.
• This tape comes on a handy roll that quickly and easily dispenses tape at your desired lengths.
• This tape is a light yellow colour and glows in the dark.

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