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"NEW" and exciting eco friendly building materials and Concrete release agents.


Hemp Limecrete buildings have gained great respect in Europe (France, Switzerland, England and Ireland), the state and Canada. As it a mixture of plant based materials it provides an eco friendly alternative to building insulation Asphrete is suitable for professional trades persons and jobs around the house for a broad range of applications These include:

• Renders

• Decorative panels for buildings

• Noise Insulation (Floors ceilings and walls)

• And many other applications…….




Asphrete combines the characteristics of the hemp shives together with lime:

• Density : 300 to 750 kg/m 3

• Heat conductivity : l = 0.08 to 0,12 W/m.K • Water vapour permeability: µ < 14

• High flexibility

• Compressive strength : 0.8 to 17 Mpa

• Acoustic qualities

• Antifungal qualities

• Flame resistance - final results pending

• Class 1 finishing The lime and Hemp combination together forms a structure that is:

• Fire-resistant • Rodent-proof

• Termite/white ant proof (termites are a huge problem in Western Australia). Hemp Limecrete is not used as a structural material as such but when used on factory’s and houses with timber or metal frames is creates a lot of strength and support within the structure. R values on a finished hemp house walls and ceiling are triple that of the newly set Australian standards. In fact, Hemp Limecrete provides such brilliant insulation that air-conditioners could be made redundant and the savings you will see on your ever growing power bills will go down! Hemp Limecrete is an environmentally sustainable product.

Carbon dioxide sequestration

The capacity of carbon dioxide sequestration of hemp and lime concrete comes from two ways:

• Hemp stores carbon during its growth and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.

• Lime uses CO2 for carbonation. The overall CO2 balance for hemp and lime concrete is such that the captured carbon is retained within the structure building. CO2 sequestration for 1m2 of a wall of Asphrete (26cm) with wooden frame


Comparable unit cost depending on material availability Hemp Limecrete can be used in large or small application and is extremely easy to install. It can be poured in-situ or can be precast in to panels and lifted in to position. The ease of construction, thermo properties, reduction in other building materials (internal and external cladding) and life span(compared to other building materials) out way any additional cost above concrete price

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