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Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) Policy


The purpose of the Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) Policy is to ensure that SysTec RTO staff and trainers/assessors can identify LLN skill levels and assist course participants with LLN needs, in order to provide them with as much opportunity as possible throughout SysTec RTO’s courses.


SysTec RTO’s Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) Policy applies to all staff and trainers/assessors involved in the development, delivery, assessment and review of training and to course participants and potential applicants. Information on language, literacy and numeracy is communicated on enrolment and is aligned to the requirements of the Training Package.

Policy Statement

SysTec RTO will not discriminate against course participants or potential course participants who have been identified as having low LLN skills.

SysTec RTO will evaluate course participant LLN ability through the completion of self evaluation questionnaire as a part of the enrolment process, and where appropriate SysTec RTO will use testing, observation and course participant submissions to make a judgement (using ASCF).

SysTec RTO will

  • ensure that potential course participants are aware of the recommended level of LLN required to undertake the various courses on offer
  • promote the language, literacy and numeracy policy to course participants
  • identify course participant’s LLN skill level
  • ensure that staff and trainers/assessors can identify course participants with LLN problems and can implement appropriate strategies to assist
  • provide relevant staff development opportunities and publications for employees and contractors to ensure their continued awareness of and competence with regard to LLN requirements
  • foster links with professional organisations for the referral of course participants with LLN issues

SysTec RTO recognises that not all course participants have a level of language, literacy and numeracy skills that will enable them to complete their course without assistance. SysTec RTO will endeavour to assist these course participants where we can through the process of reasonable adjustment.

LLN principles will be embedded into all SysTec RTO courses; SysTec RTO will use the ACSF as a reference in assessing LLN skill levels.

Course participants from a non-English speaking background, may find some of the terminology, acronyms and colloquialisms used within the training programme challenging. To assist with this SysTec RTO trainers/assessors will ensure that

  • Training is delivered in plain English.
  • Adult learning principles are adhered to in the development and implementation of all training courses.
  • Programmes will use a blend of delivery methods to assist course participants, content will be explained with the use of diagrams, practical demonstrations and video’s as required.
  • Should a course participant require an interpreter or assistant they will be permitted to attend the course.

Where it is not possible to meet the course participants LLN needs, SysTec RTO will refer the participant to a professional organisation specialising in LLN for further assistance and will provide the participant with a refund or a credit toward participating in a SysTec RTO training course at a later date.

    SysTec RTO may be obliged to advise against a potential course participant enrolling in a training course. In a situation where SysTec RTO has advised against proceeding until LLN skills reach an appropriate level, then SysTec RTO will not be obliged to offer the course participant a refund or a credit towards participating in a training course at a later date should the course participant chose to commence the course and then decides not to continue at a later date.