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Assessment Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a SysTec RTO course participant has access to assessment tools that comply with the assessment guidelines contained within nationally endorsed Training Packages and or accredited courses.


This policy applies to all nationally accredited training courses on SysTec RTO’s Scope of Registration.

Policy Statement

All nationally accredited courses offered by SysTec RTO use competency based assessments. The purpose of assessing competency is to confirm that a course participant can perform tasks to the required standard expected in the workplace.

SysTec RTO’s assessment processes will be valid, reliable, fair and flexible.

Assessments are conducted by experienced and suitably qualified staff that have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), industry experience and a qualification that is at least equivalent in the discipline they are training in.

SysTec RTO will deliver and assess all qualifications currently on its Scope of Registration in accordance with the delivery and assessment strategies in place for each qualification or accredited course.

All SysTec RTO assessment procedures will recognise educational, equity and cultural issues without compromising the integrity of the assessment.

Course participants will be provided with notice of when an assessment is to be conducted and provided with ample time for preparation and practice.

All assessment results are treated as strictly confidential with SysTec RTO providing feedback to course participants about their outcomes.

SysTec RTO will undertake an annual review of its assessment systems and procedures and the outcomes of assessments to ensure that they are appropriate and in line with the requirements of relevant industry groups.

Assessment methods can include but are not limited to practical demonstration, projects, case studies, oral questions, assignments, portfolios, written work, role plays or observation of activities.

SysTec RTO will contextualise units of competency and or assessments to accommodate specific industry requirements by providing training and assessment that is specialised to the enterprise.

Reasonable adjustment will be made to assessments, where applicable, by the trainer/assessor.

Once course participants have satisfactorily completed all their assessment tasks for a unit of competency they will be awarded Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC).

If a trainer/assessor marks a course participant as Not Yet Competent (NYC) they will be given oral and or written feedback on the areas needing improvement and given an opportunity to re-submit.

If any course participant in a training programme is dissatisfied with the results of their assessment they have the right to lodge an appeal.

Where a course participant appeals an assessment decision then SysTec RTO may appoint another trainer/assessor to review the assessment.

At the completion of all units course participants will be issued a Qualification Testamur or a Statement of Attainment for those units completed.