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Appeals & Grievances Policy


This policy is in place to ensure that a transparent, fair and equitable grievance, appeal and review process is followed within SysTec RTO with respect to both academic and non-academic matters and to resolve appeals and grievances that may arise in an equitable and timely matter.


Any grievance, complaint and or dispute will be taken seriously and handled professionally in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness in order to achieve a speedy resolution.

Policy Statement

SysTec RTO will ensure that there is a clear and transparent step by step procedure for the resolution of all grievances and appeals.

Grievances and appeals can fall into a number of categories

  • Assessment appeal - an appeal against a grade awarded for a VET unit of competency or final course result.
  • Grievance - an appeal against a decision, action or process of SysTec RTO.
  • An appeal - refund or reimbursement of module or unit tuition fees (Refund Policy).

SysTec RTO will seek to:

  • Establish an environment that perceives grievances as an opportunity to improve the organisation and its operations
  • Establish a grievance resolution system that acknowledges the needs of our course participants and aspires to prevent grievances from recurring
  • Warrant that all resolutions are prompt, professional and confidential
  • Ensure that the views of each party are respected and neither party is discriminated against nor victimised
  • Ensure that there is a consistent response to grievances
  • Ensure that records are accessible to parties involved and are stored securely and confidentially
  • Implement a review process once a complaint or appeal is finalised to ensure continuous improvement is part of SysTec RTO operations.

Course participants, in the first instance, are encouraged to resolve concerns and or difficulties informally and directly with the person(s) concerned.

A record of any actions taken by SysTec RTO staff and or contractors to find a resolution at an informal level will be kept securely and confidentially stored.

Where course participants are dissatisfied with the informal process they are entitled to engage in the formal grievance and appeals procedures.

This policy allows for a complainant or respondent to be accompanied by a support person at grievance meetings.

All correspondence, including a written record of the grievance or appeal will be filed securely and confidentially.

A formal written resolution outcome is provided to the complainant or appellant, outlining the reasons for the decision.

The process of formal lodgement of the complaint or appeal will commence within fourteen (14) working days of lodgement.

SysTec RTO will maintain a course participant’s enrolment while the grievance and appeals process is ongoing

Where the resolution favours the course participant, this policy states that SysTec RTO will implement changes immediately and advise the course participant.

An outside mediator may be appointed to resolve a grievance when all other resolution processes have failed. The mediator’s decision will be final.